Will a New Website Design Increase Sales? Find Out Here.

Posted on: 06.05.2012 By: Brian McNitt Leave a Comment

Ever wonder if changes to your website could increase sales or signups? Find out with powerful new A/B testing tools from Google Analytics called Content Experiments.

Announced on June 1, 2012, Google Analytics Content Experiments allows website owners to A/B test different web page layouts and website content by showing different versions to different website visitors. Content Experiments provides the tracking codes, serves the A/B content directly, and keeps track of individual users so each user only sees a single version of the layout, even on subsequent website visits. Once enough statistically relevant data has been collected, Google Analytics Content Experiments identifies the most effective page version.

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Author | Brian McNitt
Brian’s career path zigzagged from pre-med at Purdue University to bike racing and a career in sales and marketing for Schwinn and other bicycle companies. That was until the inception of the World Wide Web, when he took his science and marketing background full force into web design. He was a founding member of Montclare Technologies—one of the first and hottest interactive agencies in the U.S. In 2000, he founded TrendMedia, a San Francisco-based web design and interactive agency. Brian is now one of the leading experts in web technology and social media, and is a recognized authority in web accessibility, WordPress and SEO.