List email addresses on your website? Ways to avoid SPAM.

Posted on: 08.06.2010 By: Brian McNitt 4 Comments

artistic screenshot of email HTML code

Do you list contact email addresses on your organization’s website? If you do, chances are you and your coworkers will receive large amounts of unwanted SPAM as a result. It is well known that spammers use automated scripts to harvest email addresses listed on websites. One solution to the problem is to offer an email contact form instead. While this will eliminate some (not all) SPAM, a major downside is many site visitors will not bother to fill out a web form to contact your business. Clicking on an email address is simpler and allows people to use their own familiar email program. So what is a website owner to do?

A better solution is to obfuscate email addresses listed on your site. This involves some clever coding tricks that make email addresses appear normal to humans but unreadable by email harvesting bots. Perishable Press wrote an article entitled Best Method for Email Obfuscation? that outlines some of these tricks. The first, “reverse text direction” trick seems promising.

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