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What Does it Cost to Build, Maintain a Pro Web Presence?

Posted on: 08.27.2010 By: Brian McNitt Leave a Comment
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Being in the business of building and working on websites, people are always asking what it will cost to build a new or redesign an existing site or web presence. Some people understand the costs, others fall out of their chair. It’s easy to understand the origins of these two responses — it generally goes […]

4 Steps to Build a Social Media Presence for Your Business

Posted on: 08.23.2010 By: Brian McNitt Leave a Comment
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So you’ve realized that social media is important and here to stay. You have a personal Facebook account and perhaps have even gotten into Twitter. Tagging pictures of friends and tweeting about the sandwich you’re currently eating is one thing, but how do you build a successful social media presence for your business? Posting random […]

List email addresses on your website? Ways to avoid SPAM.

Posted on: 08.06.2010 By: Brian McNitt 4 Comments
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Do you list contact email addresses on your organization’s website? If you do, chances are you and your coworkers will receive large amounts of unwanted SPAM as a result. It is well known that spammers use automated scripts to harvest email addresses listed on websites. One solution to the problem is to offer an email […]

“The Social Network” – A Movie About Facebook

Posted on: 07.15.2010 By: Brian McNitt Leave a Comment
screenshot of "The Social Network" movie

Scheduled for release on October 1, 2010, The Social Network is a movie about the founding of social networking giant, Facebook. (If we don’t gain business insight from it, at least it might be entertaining.) Speaking of, we’re in the process of setting up a new TrendMedia Facebook page. Be a pal and “Like” us!

Browser Wars 2010: Google Chrome 5 vs. Apple Safari 5

Posted on: 06.07.2010 By: Brian McNitt Leave a Comment

It’s browser wars 2010! Brian tests Google Chrome 5 against the newly released Apple Safari 5.